Japanese manufacturing giant Mitsubishi has announced plans to invest up to £100 million in Scotland to develop renewable energy research and technologies.

The company said it is also considering creating a major offshore wind turbine manufacturing site in Scotland as part of a continued investment in the developing Scottish offshore wind power market.

As part of its initial investment, Mitsubishi will open the Centre for Advanced Technology in Edinburgh – an engineering facility that will lead the research Mitsubishi hopes will turn into a “game changer” in the offshore space.

It is also acquiring the Edinburgh firm Artemis Intelligent Power (AIP), which consists of a team of specialist engineers and technicians who are experienced in hydraulic system development that could be used as part of the offshore wind power development process.

Scottish Development International, which helped to broker Mitsubishi’s actions, notes that the AIP acquisition will protect 25 jobs and create 30 new engineering positions at the firm. Over the next five years, plans are also in the works to create up to 200 jobs at the new Centre and at AIP.

Commenting on the announcement, Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond said: “Scotland is a leader in the development of clean energy and boasts a world-class research and development base that is pioneering technologies that will have a global impact on combating climate change.”

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