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Concord, New Hampshire - Our good friends at The International Trade Resource Centre in Concord, New Hampshire are organising an International Marketing seminar and workshop on September 16th 2014 at 172, Pembroke Road, Concord, NH from 08:00am through until 15:00pm.

The themes of the workshop will include:

  • How to conduct market research
  • How to determine your target market
  • How to navigate cultural differences
  • How to create dynamic and effective print materials
  • How to get noticed online via international SEO
  • How to use social media to boost your company

To assist on the day will be a panel of experts all of whom have had experience in marketing their products and/or services abroad.

A continental breakfast and lunch is included within the overall cost  that covers 3 people per company of $275.00.

The panel of experts include:


Jessica Kellogg

Director, Client Operations, Rumbletree

Jessica leads a team of talented, creative media professionals who share her passion for marketing communications and excellence in client service. Jessica is a strategic marketer with a track record of experience in building products and brands. She has over 15 years of experience tailoring marketing strategies for start-ups, retail, entertainment, travel and tourism, healthcare, and education organizations in domestic and international markets.

Her client list includes the NH Division of Travel and Tourism Development, NH Division of Economic Development, Boston.com, Wendy's, Utah Office of Tourism, BBK Worldwide, Sylvan Learning, Berkley College of Music and many more.

Prior to joining Rumbletree in 2009, Jessica was an Account Director for a Boston-based media buying firm. Jessica serves as a board member on the New Hampshire Travel Council.


Michael Stone

Founder, Stone & Associates Inc.

Mike founded Stone & Associates 19 years ago, after nearly 10 years at Telesis, the strategic consulting arm of Towers Perrin. His client experience in research and strategy development projects spans Fortune 500 companies, small industrial firms, and government/non-profit organizations that serve manufacturing companies.

His projects have involved market analysis, competitive strategy, export assistance and strategic cost analysis.

Mike's public sector work has included dozens of major projects for the US Department of Commerce, including major research efforts to identify successful export and competitive strategies in global markets. He is one of the principal architects and master facilitators of the ExporTech program, which as assisted hundreds of manufacturers nationwide to enter or expand in global markets. Mike has been invited to present at numerous export-related programs and conferences.


Wendy Pease

Owner, Rapport International

Wendy Pease is the owner of Rapport International, a language services company offering translation and interpretation in 100+ languages. Prior to this, she served in senior management positions in international marketing and business development. She has an MBA from Dartmouth College, and a BA in Foreign Service from Penn State.

Wendy has lived in Mexico, Taiwan, and the Philippines and is passionate about languages, cultures and communications. With a commitment to providing precise professional translation services in order to improve global communications locally, Rapport International is the source for fast yet exacting, knowledgeable and culturally sensitive translation and interpretation services.


Ed Marsh

Founder and Principal, Consilium Global Business Advisors

Ed he runs a consultancy that helps US manufacturing companies grow by applying process excellence to business development--completing the full circle back to an engineering and design background. His practice is built on a unique methodology which combines powerful digital marketing methodologies with his extensive international business development experience.

Consilium Global Business Advisors assists American manufacturers in applying process excellence to their business development. In other words, they help lean, well managed companies with rock solid bottom lines effectively and consistently grow their top lines to match.


Stephanie Ritchie

International Account Manager, W.S.Badger

 With W.S. Badger since 2007, Stephanie focuses on growing their international sales as well as the marketing message that W.S. Badger cultivates globally. As one of New Hampshire's top exporters, W.S. Badger continues to grow both nationally and internationally with their organic skin care products.

Stephanie will be joining us as a member of the panel to relay her experiences in the global marketplace.


To register for this seminar, please click here.

This seminar is worth 5 NASBITE recertification credits.

For mor information please get in touch with Laura Mayo, International Trade Officer at the International Trade Resource Centre. Her e-mail is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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