The Investment and Advocacy Board is one of four Programme Boards of the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership and exists to advise the LEP on how it should raise the profile of the county to businesses and individuals as a place for economic investment and to raise awareness of the key economic challenges and opportunities with Goverment.

The Board's main priorities are to:

•Raise the profile of Hertfordshire both nationally and internationally.

•Develop a strategy to attract and retain inward investment in the county.

•Identify opportunities for influencing emerging Government and EU policy, strategies and resource allocation processes.


The Board has invited strategic and influential individuals to develop a lobbying and advocacy group made up of "Hertfordshire Ambassadors" who will work to raise the profile of the county through their day to day business activities.

The Board meets half a dozen times a year and is chaired by Councillor Tony Jackson, an LEP Board member and leader of East Hertfordshire District Council.



tony jackson - east herts council     Councillor Tony Jackson - East Herts District Council

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