In every area of the contemporary business world, progressive companies face an ever-increasing demand to innovate. This drive for advancement is one of the main catalysts for the internationalisation of Research, Developmentand Innovation (RD&I).

Ireland is now considered one of the leading RD&I locations in theworld. Ireland has the capacity to meet the needs of RD&I investorsand offers the ideal commercial, political and social environmentin which to carry out successful and profitable RD&I activities.

A unique feature of the Irish business environment is the productive collaboration between industry, academia and government agencies. All stakeholders work together, building a national team to consolidate Ireland’s position as a knowledge-based economy and as a primary location for RD&I.

The Irish Offer

A stable political environment and respected regulatory regime.

A pro-business environment with a 12.5% corporate tax rate, tax credits for RD&I activities and an   extensive double tax treaty network with 51 countries.

A high-skills, knowledge-based economy delivering quality, highly productive employees with excellent technical, managerial and multilingual customer service skills.

A reputation for flexibility, responsiveness and innovation.

Forty years’ experience working with Multi National Companies to establish and expand operations across a wide range of sectors.

Clusters of global leaders in key high tech industries including; pharmaceuticals, medical devices and ICT.

Experienced and innovative leaders focused on proactively identifying and solving business challenges.

Strong Government support for RD&I focused on highly productive alliances between industry and academia.

Excellent legal expertise for the commercialisation and protection of intellectual property rights.

The Irish Government is focused on driving economic growth by encouraging further RD&I activities. Its strategic objectives are backed with positive action through an unprecedented investment of €8.2 billion under the Government’s strategy for Science Technology and Innovation. This funding is already building a world class research system. The science strategy is also ensuring that all elements are working in unison for the benefit of industry. It is the “Smart Economy” made real.



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