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We are delighted to be a media partner to the Investment Opportunities in Romania Conference 2015 that is being held in Dubai 24th to the 26th February 2015.

The conference will take the form of a two-day intensive showcase that will highlight investment opportunities available in Romania, and provide a platform for key decision makers from Romania to interact and network with potential investors from within the United Arab Emirates.

Under the spotlight will be key strategic public and private sector projects that will be attractive to potential investors and these will be closely examined on day one of the conference through keynote speeches and special presentations with interactive Q & As in order to facilitate quality contributions from stakeholders on both side. Day two of the conference will be given up to high level discussions and private meetings.

Romania, a member of the European Union, is one of the largest markets in Central and Eastern Europe. It is conveniently located between the Middle East and Western Europe and being at the confluence of three strategic transport corridors offers a unique market gateway to over 500 million consumers.  The local workforce is highly skilled and wage costs are extremely competitive.

Romania has seen significant economic growth in the last two decades and continues to improve on infrastructure and transport. The country offers a highly developed industrial infrastructure, including oil and petrochemicals and a well-developed network of mobile telecommunications in GSM systems. Tourism is set to be a major sector of growth in the future and will be one of the sectors covered at the conference along with agriculture and agri-business, IT and urban infrastructure and the medical sector.

We are looking forward to setting the scene for the conference, increasing overall awareness of a great initiative and then reporting on the event itself, the issues raised and some of the outcomes. We will be hearing from key participants, sponsors, speakers and visitors and importantly we look forward to hearing from you, our readers.

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Richard Parsons – CEO Worldwide FDI-Trade

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