Maryland – USA. - Maryland is recognized as a cybersecurity leader - nationally and internationally. The state has developed cybersecurity experts, education and training programs, technology, products, systems and infrastructure.


The 2014 CyberMaryland Conference has just been held at the Baltimore Convention Centre and one of the most important outcomes has been the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Europe’s largest security cluster, The Hague Security Delta, based in The Netherlands and conference hosts, the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DEBD). The memorandum brings both parties together in an agreement to use science and technology to increase security and stimulate economic development. The three-year partnership will encourage trade, investment, research and development, and commercialization opportunities.

“As a State, as a nation and as a global community, we face unparalleled security challenges,” said DBED Secretary Murray. “Partnerships like this are critical to sharing information, developing new technologies to address security challenges, and most importantly, to maintaining the safety of our world. We are very pleased to be working so closely with the Hague Security Delta.”

Ida Haisma, Executive Director of HSD said, “This cooperation between two major security hubs across the Atlantic, will allow enterprises and research institutions to benefit from each other’s networks and provide access to markets and resources. For the Netherlands’ security sector, the cooperation presents the opportunity to create a knowledge platform with the United States, to learn from the Maryland experience in security ecosystem development, and to increase its foothold in the United States.”

With over 10 million cyber hacks a day resulting in an annual worldwide cost of over $100 billion the importance of this conference and this trans-Atlantic agreement cannot be underestimated.

Many of the agencies that are focused on cyber-security have a base in Maryland including the NSA, Cyber Command and NIST.

  • More venture funds are deployed for cybersecurity companies in Maryland than in any other state.
  • Maryland awards over $1,000,000 per year in start-up funding for cyber innovation businesses.
  • More than 15 Cyber Incubators exist in Maryland offering start-up support for innovation.
  • Maryland hosts the cybersecurity and STEM workforce of today and the future.
  • Government agencies in Maryland employ more mathematicians than any other organization in the world, and there are 16 NSA-DoD National Centres of Academic Excellence in cybersecurity in Maryland.
  • Maryland understands and places great value on both cybersecurity innovation and sectoral job growth.

Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley said “Here in Maryland, our investments in our 21st century digital infrastructure have helped strengthen the security of our nation, address emergent cybersecurity challenges, and pave the way to create more jobs,”

“CyberMaryland 2014 brings together entrepreneurs and established leaders in cybersecurity and information assurance, colleges and universities, and our partners in federal, state and local government to showcase Maryland as the nation’s epicentre of cybersecurity. “

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