In 2013 Cornwall, United Kingdom, was identified as a national leader in renewable energy by SmartestEnergy research. Cornwall’s abundant natural resources mean it has the broadest range of renewable/low carbon energy potential within the UK. The region has the highest levels of solar irradiation, some of the best onshore wind resources in Western Europe and huge potential for deep geothermal.

Cornwall has long been at the forefront of emerging low carbon economies – it was the first UK location to open a commercial wind farm in 1991. It currently has more solar installations than anywhere else in the South West.

Cornwall Council has embraced this potential and developed the Green Council programme. This overarching initiative takes advantage of the county's unique natural resources to grow the low carbon sector. The aim is to reduce carbon emissions, improve infrastructure, support communities to produce their own energy and drive economic development.

Communities in Cornwall already have a high uptake of wind, solar and ground-source heat to produce alternative energy.

At a Glance
  1. Exceptional natural resources for solar, wind, wave and geothermal energy
  1. Focus on wave marine energy
  1. Research hub for green technology
  1. Local government commitment to the low carbon economy
  1. One of the world's foremost centres of earth science: the Camborne School of Mines
Green Cornwall is Cornwall Council’s overarching programme to coordinate their efforts to reduce their carbon emissions and strengthen their wider leadership role within Cornwall. 
The Council is leading by example, providing leadership in reaching Cornwall wide targets and the transformation to a low carbon economy.
Green Council:
Reducing the Council’s carbon emissions to both meet and exceed its carbon reduction commitment.
Green Communities:
Supporting communities to become more resilient, promote education and increase renewable energy production.
Green Economy:
Providing the infrastructure, investment, and requisite skills to create the conditions for a measurable transformation towards a low carbon economy.
Glow Cornwall:
Glow Cornwall will work with Cornish residents to deliver the Government's Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) schemes, which together provide £100 million to support this work.

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