Taaleritehdas is building Finland’s biggest wind park.

Northern municipality of Ii has become Finland’s leading region for wind power development.

Finnish wealth management company Taaleritehdas is investing over EUR 80 million in 19 new wind turbines in Ii, north-western Finland. The turbines will produce about 160 GWH of electricity annually, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of 50,000 apartments or 8000 detached houses.

winter wind turbine

Construction work on the wind turbines will start in early 2014 and is expected to take about one year. Taaleritehdas also has an ongoing project for eight wind turbines in the same area and together the 27 wind turbines will form Finland’s biggest wind park that is currently under construction.

Attractive location for wind power

The municipality of Ii has become Finland’s leading region for wind power development. The Finnish company Tuuliwatti has also invested in the area. When all current projects are completed, the region’s wind power capacity is estimated to reach 285 GWH. Local electricity requirements only amount to about 70 GWH annually.

Taaleritehdas is also planning to build about 50 wind turbines in seven different locations in southern Finland as well as a 30-50 wind turbine project in Posio, northern Finland. The company’s first wind park started operating in July 2013 with 9 Nordex N117 2.4 MW wind turbines. The same turbine model will also be used in Ii.

Meanwhile Finnish companies are investing EUR 40 million in Vartinoja 1 wind-park scheme.

LocalTapiola Group and TuuliSaimaa purchase nine wind turbines, with an option for 32 more.

The Finnish companies LocalTapiola Group and TuuliSaimaa have acquired the Vartinoja l wind park project in Siikajoki, north-western Finland, for about EUR 40 million from Intercon Energy Oy. The project consists of nine wind turbines producing about 27 MW of electricity, and is expected to be completed in late 2014.

The companies have also signed an option for the purchase of the adjacent Vartinoja II and Isoneva wind park projects, where building permits are expected to be issued in spring 2014. In total, the wind park area could have about 41 wind turbines with a capacity of 123 MW.

According to LocalTapiola Group, it is aiming to invest about 100 million euros in Finnish wind power and is constantly looking for new projects. Its cooperation with TuuliSaimaa started earlier this year, when the two companies collaborated in the TuuliMuukko wind park project completed near Lappeenranta in eastern Finland.

TuuliSaimaa’s objective is to build about 200 MW of wind power in Finland and the company is actively developing many projects around Finland. TuuliSaimaa specializes in procuring suitable areas for wind power, permission procedures as well as the planning and execution of the projects.

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