We are delighted to be working with leading Brazilian legal business ACDG Law who support the smooth process for Foreign Direct Investment into Brazil.

ACDG Law are recognised for their expertise and high service levels in the area of Brazilian Corporate and Tax law. Headquartered in Sao Paulo the firm also has offices in Recife, in the heart of Brazil’s fast-growing north-eastern region, and the country’s capital city, Brasília. This structure allows the firm to execute nationwide projects, as well as provide clients with on-the-ground legal advice about some of the most complex issues currently affecting companies operating in Brazil.

For our clients or other business looking to invest or trade in Brazil we are pleased to be able to recommend ACDG.

ACDG support international businesses in a whole raft of activities including:

  • Incorporation in Brazil
  • The setting up of subsidiary businesses in Brazil
  • M&A activity
  • International trade agreements with Brazilian companies
  • Advising global wealth managers and the Brazilian securities market
  • Advising foreign investors considering the Brazilian Real Estate market
  • Commercial litigation
  • Tax planning related to the Brazilian jurisdiction
  • Setting up Investment Funds in Brazil
  • Registration of foreign direct investment with Brazilian Central Bank
  • Producing tax plans for investments and trade with Brazil

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