The latest Duport Business Confidence Report found that 1,900 new firms began operating in Derby in 2012, a 14% rise on the 1,667 starts in 2011. Dupont said this was the highest number in a single year in Derby, eclipsing the national average of 8.6%.

It also found there was a drop in company closures over the period, leading to a healthy increase in net growth of 831 companies. In 2012, 1,069 Derby firms were dissolved, compared to 1,164 in 2011

THE number of new companies created in Derby last year reached a record high, according to research. Duport said the rise in company formations could be down to the various regeneration initiatives taking place in Derby, including efforts by the city council to promote inward investment and the creation of two Business Improvement Districts within the city.

Managing director, Peter Valaitis said: "It is great to see that, despite the current economic climate, people are still taking the initiative and setting up their own companies. "An increased number of businesses in Derby will broaden the economic base and hopefully strengthen the local economy in years to come."

Duport's research found that Derby had a higher-than-average number of company directors aged under 25 – 5.9%, compared to 4.3%. It also had a higher rate of female directors at 34.2%, compared to the national average of 29.9%.

In terms of new company names, the three most popular words used were "Derby", "engineering" and "management".


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