Jean-Pierre Mascarelli, President of Team Côte d'Azur announced the appointment of Jacques Lesieur as CEO.

In announcing the appointment of Jacques Lesieur as their new CEO, Jean-Pierre Mascarelli, President of Team Côte d'Azur said "With his many years of experience in managing and advising companies as well as working in public sector, Jacques Lesieur has a perfect understanding of the issues related to developing companies and those of a region that he knows well, having lived here for a long time despite his international career. For all these reasons, Jacques Lesieur was chosen unanimously by the members of our association which includes the Nice Côte Azur Metropolitan Area, the Nice Côte Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Alpes-Maritimes Departmental Council”.

A  graduate  of  SKEMA  Business  School  and  INSEAD,  then  a  senior executive with various companies, until recently Jacques Lesieur was a member of the PwC Management Committee for Entrepreneur Services in France, a member of the Central Cluster Middle-Market Leadership Group (EMEA), and Worldwide Lead Partner for the PwC Family Business Survey.

jacques lesieur Jacques Lesieur - Incoming CEO of Team Côte d'Azur 

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