Cornish creative business, TIGERX is constantly evolving their service offering to their clients. Their innovative approach, advanced skill set and client responsiveness allow them to compete with the most advanced computer-generated imagery (CGI) and Stereoscopic 3D service providers in the world.

Hayle based MD Dougie Cross drew on his background in architecture and interior design to set up the company in 2005. “I started doing 3D computer modeling because there was a need to give clients a realistic idea of what finished buildings would actually look like. Cornwall was the ideal location to set up the business with the excellent infrastructure and skills available.”

To begin with, the company’s clients were mainly architects, but Dougie and his growing team soon began to find that their skills were in demand across many other areas. TIGERX now produces CGI animations of a range of complex objects and environments – everything from geothermal installations to luxury yachts, concept cars and holiday developments.  The company has clients all over the world – recently producing work for Harrods, BAE Systems, Hydrogen Rock in Abu Dhabi and PRUPIM (the commercial asset wing of Prudential).

TIGERX are on top of the rapid changes in the industry – tirelessly pursuing new technologies and methods of visual representation. They are actively involved in Stereoscopic 3D content creation as well as feature rich Augmented Reality applications.

Dougie sees increasing crossover between architectural visualisation and the sort of visual effects more often associated with movies. “As well as making things as real as possible, we also try to get under the skin of the target audience, storyboarding the whole concept around their interests and emotions. So we work to create a cinematic feel, carefully planning every ‘camera movement’ and even writing our own music for the animations – every aspect helps tell the overall story.”

Every commission brings a set of new challenges – and for Dougie, that what’s makes the work so exciting. “We’re always trying to do things that we’ve never done before. When a new project comes along we brainstorm new ways of approaching it, new combinations of software and techniques that we can use. That’s the way you progress and keep things fresh.”

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