Invest in Bavaria, the Business Promotion Agency of the State of Bavaria, is further extending its presence in the north of Bavaria and plans to open an office of its own in Nuremberg at the beginning of 2013.

“With this office in the Franconian metropolis, we intend to boost collaboration in particular with the regions in Northern Bavaria, to increase opportunities for start-ups there and to bring the comprehensive range of services offered by the Agency closer to companies”, commented  Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Martin Zeil. “With its excellent transport network, Nuremberg offers ideal prerequisites as a top business location, especially as major synergistic effects can be generated with the ‘Haus der Forschung’, the LfA Förderbank Bayern [Bank for the Advancement of the Bavarian Economy] and Bayern Innovativ”.

Over the past two years, Invest in Bavaria has been intensifying its efforts to place more focus on the rural regions of Bavaria and the opening of the office in Franconia forms part of this programme. 

The office is expected to be manned by two members of staff. It will assist the present ‘IB Regional’ unit of the Bavarian Business Promotion Agency and probably be located in the premises of Bayern Innovativ. Its staff members will, however, also systematically visit the counties and towns in the north and north-east of Bavaria and plan and implement projects together with local business development organisations.

With 86 successfully managed investment and expansion projects in 2011, Invest in Bavaria surpassed the result of the previous year by 15 per cent. The Franconian administrative districts performed particularly well. Their share of successfully completed projects has increased from a five-year average of 15 per cent to a good 22 per cent now. The job share in the Franconian regions even amounted to around 30 per cent, without adjusting for a special statistical effect created by setting up a large logistics centre.

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