Ukraine can at least double the volume of foreign direct investments – professor Igor Burakovskiy said when commenting his appointment to the position of the head of public council of the State agency for investment and national projects of Ukraine (SAINPU).

As he has noted, SAINPU is an institution which can help investors to resolve their issues in certain areas. Therefore, successful implementation of the National projects is, on the one hand – significant experience for Ukraine, and on the other hand – an example of best practice for investors.

On the Igor Burakovskiy opinion, Ukraine has not used even half of the investment potential.

"With proper economic conditions and favorable investment climate Ukraine can double the FDI volume. It is important for political and economic decisions to be based on objective analysis of economic situation and to correspond to the local and global trends", – Igor Burakovskiy said.

Igor Burakovskiy gained a degree in international economy from Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University in 1980. He has also obtained training and practical experience from University of Birmingham, Great Britain (1991-1992), Institute of foreign relations and Economic planning agency, Japan (1994-1995), Stanford University, USA (1997). He obtained PhD degree in 1998. Professor of the economic thery at Kyiv-Mohyla academy. He has more than 50 scientific publications.

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