Other cities in the UK may want to keep an eye on developments in Derby where the Redfern Commission has been launched by Dr Alistair Redfern, the Lord Bishop of Derby.

The commission is tasked to examine ways to make Derby a better place to live and work and will take the form of public meetings where experts will present their thoughts on the issues facing the city.

The expert commissioners are:

• Richard Brown - Chairman of Eurostar and resident of Derby

• Professor John Coyne – Vice Chancellor of the University of Derby

• Kavita Oberoi – Managing Director of Oberoi Consulting Ltd

• Keith Jeffrey – Chief Executive of Derby QUAD

• Liz Fothergill – Chief Executive of Pennine Healthcare

Public meetings will be held over the summer to discuss specific issues, with the first meeting being held on 13th July at the University of Derby. The first two topics will be Business and Education.

The stated aim of the commission is to provide a “focus and a model of how we can learn to listen to one another and work together across the different sectors and interests for a common purpose”.

We applaud the initiate and hope that as much listening goes on as talking.

For more information on the Commission: -  www.redferncommission.com

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