Leading Polish government ministers have recommended that Poland build a new central airport as passenger numbers are expected to soar over the next 10 to 20 years.

Infrastructure and construction minister Andrzej Adamczyk said on Wednesday that the government’s Economic Committee has “decided to recommend the construction of this airport."

He added: “This huge effort is essential to provide services to passengers." The government’s Economic Committee is headed by Deputy Prime Minister and Development and Finance Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Adamczyk said that some forecasts predicted Poland would have 50 million passengers travelling by air in 2030, although the figure could well be 60 million and suggested the time frame that the committee was looking at was “2027 to 2028 at the latest.”

Early reports suggest that an airport able to serve 50 million passengers a year would probably be located between the Poland’s capital, Warsaw, and Łódź, the third largest city in Poland.

Warsaw’s Chopin airport, currently the biggest in the country, was used by 12.8 million passengers in 2016, but projections suggest that it will run out of spare capacity in 2020 while not being able to expand any further due to its location in the capital.

Polish airports last year serviced nearly 34 million passengers, 12 percent more than in 2015, according to the latest data from the country’s Civil Aviation Authority.

Budget carrier Ryanair had the most passengers, followed by state airline LOT.


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