Poland - The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency has changed its official name to the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH). Expanding its’ objectives, the new Agency will focus on two main issues: servicing investors in Poland and supporting Polish companies in their global expansion.

Offering support to Polish businesses operating overseas is a new venture. The president of PAIH, Tomasz Pisula said, “From now, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency will be able to provide both types of its clients - foreign investors and Polish companies - with a significantly wider range of business assistance”.


PAIH’s Deputy President, Wojciech Fedko added, “We are creating a comprehensive offer to support Polish exports. The introduction of Foreign Trade offices is one of the most crucial elements of the Agency’s new strategy. These offices will be operating in countries where Polish companies are already active as well as in the places which offer the biggest business opportunities for entrepreneurs from Poland. 

Inward Investment specialists are already in situ having worked on projects to support key investors such as Volkswagen, Daimler or LG Chem. Commenting on this strength of PAIH, board member responsible for Foreign Direct Investment, Krzysztof Senger noted that, “Servicing investment projects in Poland remains a key strategic activity of the Agency. We are already experienced in that area’,

Mr Pisula concluded, “Not only has the Agency changed its name and responsibilities, but it has also changed the way it works. Now, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency will be much more oriented on pro-business goals. That means a more effective service for our clients’, he added.

Check out the PAIH website at http://www.paiz.gov.pl

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