If your world is digital and your business revolves around IT, Telecommunications, Digital Media and Consumer Electronics then you need to be at CeBIT 2017 which takes place in Hannover, Germany for 5 days from 20th to the 24th March 2017.

Even if your business is not engaged in day to day high level ICT you still should attend as there is always something for everyone and the event delivers an exhibition and a conference programme for all professionals. CeBIT defines the latest trends, presents talks from leading business figures and hosts forward-looking panel discussions, showcasing product innovations from all over the world. In short CeBIT is the largest and most internationally represented event of its kind in the world.


This year the CeBIT partner country is Japan, one of the front runners in the high-tech sector that invests billions in research and development, and is home to the current winner of the Nobel Prize for medicine. In short, the nation is a driver of innovation and a pioneer in the field of technology, science and digitalization.

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