Ankara, Turkey - Foreign direct investments (FDI) into Turkey reached USD 16.5 billion in 2015 at a growth rate of 32 percent over the preceding year, according to data released by the Central Bank of Turkey. With the monthly average of FDI exceeding USD 1 billion during the course of the last year, the country has attained the highest ever annual FDI figure since the global financial crisis.


In 2015, the manufacturing sector attracted the highest portion of FDI, followed by financial services and transportation sectors. Spain emerged as the top origin of FDI for Turkey during the last year, with the US and Luxembourg coming second and third, respectively. Other notable investor countries were the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Russia, the UK, China and Germany.

Arda Ermut, President of the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT), said that despite two general elections  and the ongoing turmoil in some neighboring countries, Turkey has managed to increase its investment attractiveness to international  investors, thanks to its political stability and positive long-term prospects.

“Closely following the trends and developments in international investments, we have foreseen that the total amount of FDI into Turkey would surpass expectations in 2015. Our country’s investment appeal will continue to increase in the eyes of foreign investors whose confidence in Turkey’s political and economic stability is strong as ever. ISPAT’s strategy of attracting high-quality investments paid off well last year and in the light of our government’s Action Plan for 2016, which entails new reforms to improve our investment environment, we expect even higher figures this year,” Ermut said.




Turkish Airlines will carry an “Invest in Turkey” livery on one of its flagship A330 aircraft in an effort to draw attention to investment opportunities in Turkey. Having been named the “Best Airline in Europe” in 2015 for the fifth time in a row, and flying to a total of 283 destinations in 111 countries [50 domestic and 233 international], Turkish Airlines has been called upon to use its globally recognized brand to help attract international investors to Turkey. Turkish Airlines will support the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency (ISPAT) by writing "Invest in Turkey / Türkiye’ye Yatırım Yapın” on the body of the TC-JIZ registered Airbus 330 in its fleet.

İlker Aycı, Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee of Turkish Airlines, and Arda Ermut, President of ISPAT, recently unveiled the "Invest in Turkey" plane at a meeting held at Turkish Airlines Technic’s new maintenance facility.

İlker Aycı said that this was the first time in Turkish Airlines’ history that the message of "Invest in Turkey" appeared as part of a plane’s livery. Aycı, who also served as the President of ISPAT from January 2011 to April 2015, emphasized that applying a livery on a plane would contribute significantly to the promotion of Turkey.

“We would like to draw the world’s attention to investing in Turkey by applying an exclusive ‘Invest in Turkey’ livery on an Airbus 330 in Turkish Airlines’ fleet,” said Aycı. “This text will travel around the world on the plane and invite foreign investors to Turkey. The new livery is just the latest in a series of collaborations between Turkish Airlines and ISPAT.