Yiyuan Economic Development Zone

Yiyuan Economic Development Zone is the provincial Economic Development Zone set up by the approval of Shandong Provincial Government in 2006. There are two main industry sectors within this zone. The first focuses primarily on pharmaceutical & healthcare products and the second on new materials that will support businesses considering energy-saving materials and thermal insulation and high polymer materials.

By the end of 2015, the Yiyuan Economic Development Zone was hone to 266 businesses, 6 post-doctoral enterprises for research and development, 5 academic laboratories, 32 new technology enterprises and 4 other listed companies. These businesses generated RMB 37.2 billion Yuan of the total industrial output value, RMB 34.1 billion Yuan of sales revenues and RMB 6.9 billion Yuan of profits and taxes.

Gaoqing Economic Development Zone

Established in December 2002, Gaoqing Economic Development Zone remains under construction with some 16.47 square kilometres of a total planned area of 53 square kilometres currently completed.

The Economic Development Zone accrued some RMB 23.573 billion Yuan of industrial value and RMB 1.21 billion Yuan of tax revenues in 2015.

The Zone focuses on developing and sustaining four major industries: health and bio-pharmaceuticals, new energy and advanced equipment manufacturing, high-end textile and garment production and new materials for the fluorine-silicone sector.

At present, 106 enterprises have invested in the Gaoqing Economic Development Zone.

Huantai Economic Development Zone

The Huantai Economic Development Zone covers an area of 137 square kilometres and was set up in 1992. In 2015, the industrial businesses in this Economic Development Zone realised RMB 120 billion Yuan of sales revenue, RMB 17 billion Yuan of fixed-asset investment, RMB 2.5 billion Yuan of the income tax and US$960 Million of total foreign trade value.

Three major industrial clusters have based themselves here; chemical engineering, high-end manufacturing and modern logistics. By the end of 2015, the Zone comprised 1 listed company, 5 OTC companies and 58 international businesses including Kohler from the U.S.A. and Refratechnik from Germany all supporting steady economic growth and other social benefits.


Linzi Economic Development Zone

Linzi Economic Development Zone is the provincial Economic Development Zone established after approval from the Shandong Provincial Government in 1992 and comprising 20 square kilometres of the planned space. The Economic Development Zone achieved the RMB 58.351 billion Yuan of gross industrial output value, RMB 56.543 billion Yuan of sales revenues and RMB 919 Million Yuan of profits and taxes in 2015.

Linzi Economic Development Zone is planned to have five major functional areas: the north comprehensive zone, the central basic industry zone, the central machinery processing zone, the south logistics and storage zone and the south comprehensive service zone. Industries to the fore within this zone include: the steel industry and with a focus on mining; - metallurgy, equipment manufacturing, warehouse logistics, high-end new technologies and chemical engineering.


Zhoucun Economic Development Zone

Zhoucun Economic Development Zone is a 35.76 square Kimlometre provincial economic development zone that was established in 1992 following the approval of Government of Shandong Province. At present, the zone hosts 619 enterprises, 2 post-doctoral scientific research and development bodies, 3 academician laboratories, 2 national enterprise technical centres, 10 provincial engineering and technological research centres and 3 provincial enterprise technical centres. In 2015, the development zone realised RMB 54.834 billion Yuan of total industrial output value, RMB 53.603 billion Yuan of sales revenue and RMB 5.341 billion Yuan of profits and taxes.

Zhoucun Economic Development Zone majors in advanced processing and manufacturing of textiles, clothing, and new environmentally friendly materials.

Bucher Group (Switzerland), Citizen Group (Japan), IBG Group (Germany) and Tianhong (Hong Kong) are three of several international companies who have successfully established foreign-owned enterprises in the zone; Wal-Mart of America, BASF of Germany and other world Fortune 500 enterprises have established friendly trade cooperation relationships with business in the zone.

Boshan Economic Development Zone

Founded in 1992, Boshan Economic Development Zone has an area under administration of 68.29 square kilometres. In recent years, the development zone has focused on accelerating the development of three leading industries including electromechanical industry, the pump industry and new materials. It has also planned three further sectors planned that will support clusters in the sectors mentioned.

The zone hosts more than 2600 businesses including 7 publicly listed companies and 12 OTC enterprises , 6 academician laboratories, 78 new high-tech businesses, 23 research and development organizations and 13 well-known Chinese brands.

In 2015, the development zone realised RMB 48.7 billion Yuan of total industrial output value, RMB 43.2 billion Yuan of sales revenue and RMB 5.6 billion Yuan of profits and taxes.

Zichuan Economic Development Zone

Zichuan Economic Development Zone is a provincial economic development zone established in 1992 of 53.61 square kilometres.

In 2015, the development zone realised RMB 158.99 billion Yuan of total industrial output value, RMB 153.46 billion Yuan of sales revenue and RMB 17.99 billion Yuan of profits and taxes.

At present, the zone is home to more than 800 businesses, 2 universities, and has introduced 5 Fortune 500 businesses, 6 post-doctoral scientific research organisations, 28 provincial research and development centres, 2 national research and development centres, 2 publicly listed companies and 10 OTC enterprises. Industries in focus include clusters for high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and new medicine.


Zibo Central Business District

The city of Zibo is located in the central area of the eastern coastal province of Shandong, 200 km west of the famous port of Qingdao, 900 km north of Shanghai, and 500 km south of the Capital Beijing. The city comprises five districts Zhangdian, Zichuan, Boshan, Zhoucun and Linzi and three counties, Huantai, Gaoqing and Yiyuan, covering an area of 5,965 sq.kms. and is home to a population of around 4.65 million people. The city’s GDP in 2015 amounted to 413.02 billion Yuan, with the per-capita GDP topping 14,000 US dollars.

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Leading Polish government ministers have recommended that Poland build a new central airport as passenger numbers are expected to soar over the next 10 to 20 years.

Infrastructure and construction minister Andrzej Adamczyk said on Wednesday that the government’s Economic Committee has “decided to recommend the construction of this airport."

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DP World’s London Gateway Port has announced the launching of its first Asian liner service to be served by a global container shipping consortium, ‘THE Alliance’. The consortium of container shipping lines – which comprises Hapag Lloyd, K-Line, MOL, NYK Line and Yang Ming will see DP World London Gateway Port handling the largest ships in the world.

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One of the most attractive areas in the UK currently for inward investment is the Sheffield/Nottingham corridor where you will find Markham Vale business park and the Markham Vale Enterprise Zone - 200 acres of prime business and distribution park strategically located in the heart of the UK’s motorway network.

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