Sector Excellence considers regions that are home to well defined clusters of businesses from one particular business sector or another. By identifying regional industry clusters and paying special attention to their needs, investment promotion organisations have an effective way of thinking about how to grow their economies and create more high-paying jobs within their region.

Businesses thrive in particular locations because of their network of local connections to a specially skilled local workforce, a shared based of specific industry knowledge and the availability of strong local suppliers in proximity to one another. This generates business advantages that can not easily be imitated or competed away by low cost competitors.

If your region supports and excels in a particular industry sector we want to know. The table below is a continuous work in progress.




Industry Sector Region Country
Advanced Engineering Derby - East Midlands United Kingdom
Advanced Engineering Wales United Kingdom
Agbioscience Columbus - Ohio United States
Agbioscience North Carolina United States
Aerospace Derby - East Midlands United Kingdom
Aerospace Rhone-Alpes France
Aerospace Wales United Kingdom
Cleantech Lahti - S. Finland Finland
Cleantech Otaki - Wellington New Zealand
Creative and Digital Industries Bradford - West Yorkshire United Kingdom
Creative and Digital Industries Massachusetts United States
Creative and Digital Industries Nanjing - Jiangsu China
Creative and Digital Industries Wales United Kingdom
Energy and The Environment Wales United Kingdom
Financial Services Toronto - Ontario Canada
Financial Services Edinburgh - Scotland United Kingdom
Financial and Professional Services Wales United Kingdom
Food and Drink Bradford - West Yorkshire United Kingdom
Food and Drink Wales United Kingdom
Healthcare Innovation Bedford - Bedfordshire United Kingdom
ICT Wales United Kingdom
Life Sciences Wales United Kingdom
Maritime Technologies Meclenberg - Vorpommern Germany
Maritime Technologies Singapore Singapore
Mechatronics Lahti - S. Finland Finland
Science & Technology Nottingham - Nottinghamshire United Kingdom
Tourism Wales United Kingdom

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