The overarching goal that underpins our work at Worldwide FDI and Trade Associates is to make the work of Investment Promotion agencies far more visible and attractive through well executed marketing strategies and move away from ad hoc scatter-gun lead generation practices that tend to bring limited results arrived at more by luck than judgement.

At the same time we support global businesses as they expand, merge or acquire within different geographies to facilitate and make any transition as smooth as possible.

To bring the strategy together we have put in place a team of extremely experienced investment strategists to work in close proximity with our marketing experts and the result has been that we are now able to offer our clients a much more rounded and seamless proposition.

The investment strategists all hail from the professional services where most have worked predominantly within the investment promotion sector. There is a wealth of experience supporting both IPAs in with their inward investment programmes and global businesses as they look at their international aspirations and growth agendas.

The marketing team has worked with some of the globe’s largest brands and they support the work undertaken by our consultants and give added colour and credibility to the marketing solutions of the clients we work with. This team has supported IPAs in particular get their messages over in a very visual way through a full suite of marketing collateral that has ranged from broad e-shots and newsletters through to mobile application promotion, outdoor campaigns and high tech. dynamic advertising.


The client base we support is made up of:

  • Investment Promotion Agencies
  • Economic Development bodies, Chambers of Commerce, Academic and Educational Institutions
  • Global Businesses, Importers, Exporters, Financial and Professional Services and Commercial Property Agencies
  • Sector Clusters
  • Aligned businesses and business support agencies



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